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Service commitment

Service commitment:

1, our company has a special sales and service engineers, to provide customers with selection, technical performance, installation, commissioning and other pre-sales consulting service.

2, after the delivery of our products, tracking service, regular visits. "We use sincere, careful, in exchange for your confidence.". "The service tenet of the company.".

3, the company's products in the warranty period, when the need to ensure, after receiving the notice of twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours, sent the experienced technical personnel arrived at the scene to carry out treatment, until the user is satisfied.

4, in the user abide by the storage and use of conditions, from the date of delivery of the manufacturer within 18 months, the protector seal intact. If the product is damaged or can not be used normally due to manufacturing quality problems, the manufacturer shall replace and repair it without charge.


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