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Our colloidal silver has been tested independently and was found to contain the correct levels of silver and nothing else.

We have invested several thousand pounds on a commercial distiller and sophisticated measuring equipment for accurately measuring silver content.

As the UKs no.1 supplier we are able to produce over 120 litres per day in 62 litre batches. Larger batches means it is much more stable and absolutely consistant in quality.

We use our own design, purpose built generators, in our purpose built manufacturing facility where we manufacture nothing but colloidal silver. We don't keep stock on the shelf. We have a high turnover of CS and it is made fresh every day as required.

Because we make our own distilled water we have total control over the whole of the manufacturing process from the outset. We can also produce at less cost so that we can keep prices low without compromising quality.

We pride ourselves in being able to produce the best colloidal silver at the best price in the UK.

This is borne out by the fact that we have an exceptionally high rate of repeat customers.

We supply regularly to vets, poultry keepers, boat owners for water tanks, pigeon clubs, equine stores etc. As well as members of the public and resellers.


what you should know before you choose your supplier

All conventionally made colloidal silver is EXACTLY THE SAME if made properly.. Unfortunately there are not many manufacturers who do make CS properly. A lot are part time sellers who make CS using cheap generators bought online which are not fit for purpose.

The few companies that do make quality CS end up with exactly the same product as they all use exactly the same manufacturing process. Starting with very high purity distilled water and using electrolysis with controlled current the end product will be exactly the same. Therefore no matter how much you pay, or whatever manufacturers may claim to try to justify their higher prices, you will get the same product, with similar particle size and particle content. Due to our unique manufacturing process our particle sizes are significantly smaller than others, with a higher particle content.which is highly beneficial.

You cannot make good quality CS above 25-30ppm. At around 25ppm the current flow increases significantly as the conductivity increases. Even using a controlled current the particle sizes rapidly increase.  The solution will first go very yellow, then grey and cloudy and will only clear when the heavy silver particles have fallen out of suspension and are settled on the bottom of the vessel. Therefore if you see 30ppm or above being offered for sale it will be of very poor quality, or not of the strength stated, no matter what the makers may claim.

Properly made CS should not be the slightest bit cloudy. Good colloidal silver will be clear to very slightly straw coloured. The tint should be so slight that it is difficult to see in small ammounts, but if you put 250mls or more into a clear jug you may notice it. This is because well made CS will contain both silver ions and silver particles. Silver ions are completely colourless and will not react with light. Large silver particles do react to light and good well made CS with small particles should not show any more than the very slightest straw tint, almost unnoticeable. This shows up more under artificial light, particularly fluorescent light. In natural daylight it shows much less. CS should not be exposed to light for any length of time. If you buy CS that is yellow it is not of good quality and will have a larger particle size.

TDS meters cannot be used to measure ppm of colloidal silver. This is because TDS meters only measure electrical conductivity of a liquid and then crudely convert it to ppm. The problem is that they are calibrated using a saltwater solution which conducts electricity much better than CS. This immediately gives a false reading. Added to this is the fact that good quality CS has a particulate content of around 20%. Because it is not dissolved a TDS meter will not recognise the particulate content so will be out by another 20%. Furthermore, conductivity changes with temperature. a TDS reading at 15c will be substantially lower than a reading of the same sample at 25c. TDS meters can only really tell you if one sample is stronger or weaker than another at the same temperature.

We use sophisticated and expensive equipment to accurately measure our silver content. The cost of this equipment is beyond the small home seller. In fact we believe we are the only manufacturers who have this equipment having randomly tested some other sellers CS products and found disturbing results.

As the UKs biggest manufacturer we get discounts on our bottles, packaging etc. And we produce in quantities which make the process less labour intensive. We pass these savings onto our customers. Therefore we have the best product, and the best price.

Why Are We Better?

We are soon to bring out a premium range of SILVER-TEC gels, creams and cosmetics.


Our first products (gels) are now undergoing independant testing in order to meet the EU requirements for cosmetics. We expect these to be ready for sale later this year.

Invest in the Best!

Freshly Made Daily, No Stock on Shelves

Batch Tested for Quality & Strength

Made to EU Good Manufacturing Practice in a controlled purpose built environment.

We are the UK's largest manufacturer of premium quality active colloidal silver


A Word About TDS Meters


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Our Unique Manufacturing Process Makes The Difference!

Virtually all colloidal silver is made using electrolysis. However that is where any similarity ends. Many small sellers use small generators designed for home use and typically producing about 1 litre at a time. The problem with these is that because there is no water movement the silver ions build up between the electrodes which decreases the electrical resistance between the electrodes so the current flow increases. This increases the ions very quickly and the current quickly rises steadily. This increases particle size substantially and does not make good colloidal silver.


The larger particles are big enough to react with light so the resulting colloidal silver has a yellow appearance. Traditionally this would not be sold because is is of poor quality but some manufacturers are now selling yellow or amber colloidal silver, probably because consistantly high quality clear CS with a small particle size is very difficult to make without some very sophisticated equipment.


Our manufacturing process is genuinely unique to us because all of the equipment was designed and put together by us with the sole aim of overcoming the limitations of the usual production methods, which produce CS of very inconsistant quality. 2 batches seemingly made exactly the same one after the other can be very different using the usual methods. Although still using electrolysis our equipment and whole manufacturing process is far more sophisticated. We are able to produce 62 litres per batch. Instead of the water being still in the vessel our distilled water constantly flows around the electrodes so no rapid build up of ions can occur between them. This means our colloidal silver takes much longer to make as the current stays constantly low. Typically it will take about 1 to 2 hours to produce a small batch of 14ppm colloidal silver in still water using conventional methods. Our process takes approximately 12 hours to produce each batch. The result is a more stable higher quality product with a higher particle content and smaller particles which are not yellow. Each batch is absolutely consistant in quality and strength as our generators are also temperature controlled. (Just a few degrees difference in the temperature of the distilled water can alter the electrical resistance dramatically and make a totally different quality product).


The differences don't stop there. TDS meters are routinely used to measure the ppm of colloidal silver. TDS meters are completely useless for this purpose for the reasons given below. We have very sophisticated and expensive measuring equipment. Along with our investment in a commercial distiller we can control the whole process and quality from start to finish.


This is why we are the biggest manufacturer in the UK making the best colloidal silver available anywhere. We are different!

We are pleased to be the chosen supplier of own label colloidal silver products for a large company that ship our products all over the world. We regularly fulfil orders of between 2,000 & 4,000 units made up of sprays, droppers and 200ml bottles.

We can supply in bulk in any quantity up to 500 litres. Minimum order value £150. Huge discounts available depending on quantity.

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