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1 Litre of 25ppm Premium Quality Silver Tec Colloidal Silver

£28.99 (Sold out)

Best quality colloidal silver freshly made daily from Colloidal Silver UK,  one of  the UKs longest established specialist colloidal silver manufacturers. We have been making colloidal silver since 2002. Contains steam distilled water, ionic silver and particulate silver. No additives.

> Unrivalled quality
> Free next day delivery*
> Bonafide professional company
> High particulate content
> Made with steam distilled water from our own distiller, not filtered or reverse osmosis.
> Freshly made daily - no stock sitting on shelves
> Unique manufacturing process designed and built by us. We are able to produce in batches of 62                    
   litres at a time. This means it is much more stable and  of more consistant quality.