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About Us

Steve Cook - Managing Director


Steve completed an electro-mechanical engineering apprenticeship in 1980.


In 1984 he started working for himself as a freelance technician. He worked mainly in the lift industry, sub contracting for most of the larger lift companies over the years providing technical support and advice. He also designed, built and installed several small passenger lifts in nursing homes where they did not have sufficient space for a standard size lift. Steve also designed and wired control systems for various companies who did not have the expertise to do it in house.


Now at the age of 55 Steve still offers freelance technical support but on a part time basis, working on average 2 days a week. His main focus is now on running a succesful internet business.


Steve has recently been on professionaly run courses lasting several days for EU good manufacturing practice & EU cosmetic regulations. He has also been personally to 3 aloe vera farms in Lanzarote in order to secure the best quality & most natural Canary Islands aloe vera for use in a new range of Silver-Tec products. There are also plans to market a range of high quality Aloe products from the Canary Islands with a high content of natural aloe juice.


Steve is responsible for development and manufacturing of our products as well as stringent quality control.

Sarah Cook - Company Secretary


Sarah started as an office assistant and typist. She has progressed through various companies culminating in being a P.A. to the main partner in a firm of accountants. Over the years she has gained vast experience in all aspects of business administration.


Sarah is responsible for running the office day to day and also deals with most enquiries, telephone orders and customer service. She also supervises the packing and despatch of orders.


Sarah is also passionate about this business with the emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction.


Sue, Samantha & Emily - Warehouse & Packing


Sue, Sam & Emily are valued members of our team and are responsible for bottling, labelling and packing of our products ready for despatch.