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Why Are We Better?

Our colloidal silver has been tested independently and was found to contain the correct levels of silver and nothing else.

We have invested several thousand pounds on a commercial distiller and sophisticated measuring equipment for accurately measuring silver content.

As the UKs no.1 supplier we are able to produce over 100 litres per day in 60 litre batches. Larger batches means it is much more stable and absolutely consistant in quality.

We use our own design, purpose built generators, in our purpose built manufacturing facility where we manufacture nothing but colloidal silver. We don't keep stock on the shelf. We have a high turnover of CS and it is made fresh every day as required.

Because we make our own distilled water we have total control over the whole of the manufacturing process from the outset. We can also produce at less cost so that we can keep prices low without compromising quality.

Bulk/Trade enquiries welcome

Huge Discounts Available

We pride ourselves in being able to produce the best colloidal silver at the best price in the UK.

This is borne out by the fact that we have an exceptionally high rate of repeat customers.

We supply regularly to vets, poultry keepers, boat owners for disinfecting water tanks, pigeon clubs, equine stores etc. As well as members of the public and resellers.

Same day despatch on all orders received before 2pm.


Proof of postage is obtained for every order.


what you should know before you choose your supplier

All properly made colloidal silver is EXACTLY THE SAME. Unfortunately there are not many manufacturers who do make CS properly. A lot are part time sellers who make CS using cheap generators bought online which are not fit for purpose, and most are not HMRC registered businesses.

The few companies that do make quality CS end up with exactly the same product as they all use exactly the same manufacturing process. Starting with very high purity distilled water and using electrolysis with controlled current the end product will be exactly the same. Therefore no matter how much you pay, or whatever manufacturers may claim to try to justify their higher prices, you will get the same product, with similar particle size and particle content. Due to our unique manufacturing process our particle sizes are significantly smaller than others, which is highly beneficial.

You cannot make good quality CS above 25-30ppm. At around 25ppm the current flow increases significantly as the conductivity increases. Even using a controlled current the particle sizes rapidly increase.  The solution will first go very yellow, then grey and cloudy and will only clear when the heavy silver particles have fallen out of suspension and are settled on the bottom of the vessel. Therefore if you see 30ppm or above being offered for sale it will be of very poor quality, no matter what the makers may claim.

Properly made CS should NOT be clear like tap water. Good colloidal silver will have a very slight straw colour. The tint should be so slight that it is difficult to see in small ammounts, but if you put 250mls or more into a clear jug you should notice it. This is because well made CS will contain both silver ions and silver particles. Silver ions are completely colourless and will not react with light. The silver particles on the other hand do react to light and in good well made CS will reflect light with a slight amber tint, which increases with strength. This shows up more under artificial light, particularly fluorescent light. In natural daylight it shows much less. CS should not be exposed to light for any length of time. If you buy CS that looks like tap water it will contain very little or zero particulate silver. CS should never be even the slightest bit cloudy.

TDS meters cannot be used to measure ppm of colloidal silver. This is because TDS meters only measure electrical conductivity of a liquid and then crudely convert it to ppm. The problem is that they are calibrated using a saltwater solution which conducts electricity much better than CS. This immediately gives a false reading. Added to this is the fact that good quality CS has a particulate content of around 20%. Because it is not dissolved a TDS meter will not recognise the particulate content so will be out by another 20%. Furthermore, conductivity changes with temperature. a TDS reading at 15c will be substantially lower than a reading of the same sample at 25c. TDS meters can only really tell you if one sample is stronger or weaker than another at the same temperature.

We use sophisticated and expensive equipment to accurately measure our silver content. The cost of this equipment is beyond the small home seller. In fact we believe we are the only manufacturers who have this equipment having randomly tested some other sellers CS products and found disturbing results.

As the UKs biggest manufacturer we get discounts on our bottles, packaging etc. And we produce in quantities which make the process less labour intensive. We pass these savings onto our customers. Therefore we have the best product, and the best price.

Silver Tec 3 Large

             We Have Re-Branded Our Products!  

The same high quality Colloidal Silver with a new name!

Silver-Tec 2 x 500-25 & box

As the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of premium quality Colloidal Silver, we have had other sellers making their labels very similar to ours, and some sellers have even claimed to be selling our products when they are not.

Whilst this is somewhat flattering it is also potentially harmful to our business as our customers have come to expect very high standards. We have 14 years experience in making high quality Colloidal Silver.

To try to combat this and protect our companies good reputation,we have rebranded our products as SILVER-TEC and have registered SILVER-TEC, SILVER-TEC 14 and SILVER-TEC 25 as trademarks of Colloidal Silver UK Ltd.

Rest assured that the colloidal silver is exactly the same highest quality product as before.

Coming Soon!

We are soon to bring out a premium range of SILVER-TEC gels, creams and cosmetics.


Our first products (gels) are now undergoing independant testing in order to meet the EU requirements for cosmetics. We expect these to be ready for sale later this year.

Please Note

All of our bottled products are packed in strong tamperproof boxes specifically made for our products. Our sprays come in a strong tamperproof heat sealed bag.

Silver-Tec all small



Due to a combination of reduced parcel prices and new production techniques we are able to pass on the savings made. Because we send a large volume of parcels we have been able to negotiate substantial discounts for our postage rates. Everything over 1kg is now sent by tracked courier on next day delivery. We have also designed and built our own unique generators which can make 60 litres at a time. We have a built in method of constantly stirring the water which ensures the smallest particle size possible and stops it turning yellow which happens when the particles become too large, no other manufacturer will have this as it was purpose built by us. (Our managing Director is a fully qualified electro-mechanical/electronics engineer with over 35 years experience) This ensures a consistantly high quality and cuts down production time and cost.