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Our colloidal silver has been tested independently and was found to contain the correct levels of silver and nothing else.

We have invested several thousand pounds on a commercial distiller and sophisticated measuring equipment for accurately measuring silver content.

As the UKs no.1 supplier we are able to produce over 100 litres per day in 25 litre batches. Larger batches means it is much more stable and very consistant in quality.

We use our own design, purpose built generators, in our purpose built manufacturing facility where we manufacture nothing but colloidal silver. We don't keep stock on the shelf. We have a high turnover of CS and it is made fresh every day as required.

Because we make our own distilled water we have total control over the whole of the manufacturing process from the outset. We can also produce at less cost so that we can keep prices low without compromising quality.

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Most of the colloidal silver offered for sale in the UK is of very poor quality, with silver content which can be nowhere near what is claimed. The reason is that most sellers are one man working from home using the cheap home generators and cheap TDS meters to measure the strength.

These small home generators are not designed to produce more than one litre a day and the quality is highly questionable. As far as we are aware, every other colloidal silver supplier uses a TDS meter to try and measure the silver content. TDS meters are basically useless for measuring the strength of colloidal silver. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. To start with, all colloidal silver produced in the UK is approx. 80% ionic and 20% particulate. TDS meters will not measure the undissolved particulate content, so the reading is at least 20% out. It gets worse though. TDS meters are calibrated using a salt water solution. Since salt water is a much better electrical conductor of electricity than silver in distilled water, and TDS meters work by measuring electrical conductivity and converting this to ppm, the reading shown for silver is completely false and is usually out by about 50%. Add to this the fact that electrical resistance changes with temperature, exactly the same sample would get readings which differ by up to 30% over a temperature range of 20 degrees.


The only way to accurately measure silver content is by using a spectrophotometer or an ion specific electrode. The very high cost of this equipment prohibits smaller companies from investing in it.

We pride ourselves in being able to produce the best colloidal silver at the best price in the UK.

This is borne out by the fact that we have many repeat customers.

We supply regularly to vets, poultry keepers, boat owners for disinfecting water tanks, pigeon clubs, equine stores etc. As well as members of the public.

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It is now illegal for any seller of colloidal silver to make any medical claims, references to medicine, links to medicinal information etc. on their websites. As an ethical and law abiding business we have chosen to abide by the law. In order to stay legal we can provide no references for medicinal use. Most others are breaking the law by providing medical information and references to colloidal silver as a medicine. There is a wealth of information on the internet should you wish to do your own research. Thank you for your understanding.